WA State SAR Planning Unit

About Us

Our Team

  • We are all SAR volunteers from WA State Counties.
  • Extensive training in search planning and management.
  • Experience on some of the most complex, multi-day SAR incidents in recent state history

Our Primary Functions

  • Providing remote or on-scene planning resources.
  • Recommending search planning strategies and tactics.
  • Providing technical search mapping services.
  • Applying modern search theory to extended SAR incidents.

Mission support from the WA State SAR Planning Unit, can be requested via the WA State Emergency Management Department.  For more information, contact President@wasspu.org

When is WASSPU Activated?

WASSPU is usually called in after the first operational period (24hr search day) if nothing has been found and the search planning needs to be more sophisticated. smaller rural counties often don’t have a lot of depth in the search teams so we are able to augment what they have with the work we do.  For more information about our Evidence Search Services, click here.