Thank you Puget Sound Energy Foundation for your donation!

by | Feb 12, 2020 | News

We received our first ever grant from the Puget Sound Energy Foundation. This grant for $5,000 will assist us in purchasing Probability-Based Search Planning Software. This software will help up be more efficient in our search planning activities.

The donation we received allowed us to purchase the FIND Search Management Software System developed by Dr. Robert Koester.

This software combines mapping functions, lost person behavior historical data, and more! This software assists us in more easily completing our search management tasks.

Our mission is to augment SAR incident management in Washington State with search planning services that can include: detailed situational and terrain analysis, technical mapping, state-of-the-art search planning, and applied modern search theory. In order to provide these services, we rely on private donations and grants for our operating and training expenses.

Thank you Puget Sound Energy Foundation!